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          Sweet-scented osmanthus stomach-nourishing brown yogurt

          Innovative yogurt - innovative flavor &nutritional healthy

          "Health" has becomes an increasingly important determinant of consumer choice

          "Tasty" is an indispensable factor in the consumer's food choice.

          HOWBETTER’s technical team creates a healthy and tasty sweet-scented osmanthus stomach-nourishing brown yogurt.

          We provide a plan for you

          Health factors:

          • Add special fermented soybean flour GASTRO AD to improve stomach health
          • Active probiotics
          • High-quality protein combination

            Delicious factors:

          • Unique caramel flavor
          • Familiar osmanthus fragrance
          • Rich creamy flavor

          Innovative yogurt

          Innovative flavor &nutritional healthy

          Nutritional Information

          • Fat 4.5%
          • Protein 4.5%

          HOWBETTER? stable system

          • Provide a rich creamy flavor
          • Provide long stability shelf life

          We provide application service for you

          Design and customize innovative product solutions

          For more information, please contact us

          Tel: +86 516 8326 5999

          Email: customerservice@ythbt.com