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New Beat & Instrumental :MERGE

This beat / instrumental starts like any other "Standout Beat", but with the one exception... after seven seconds of from the intro you will hear the kicks. Once those babies start thumping there's no off switch.

"Merge" is a perfect example of how to have a beat that can showcase this simplicity of a complexed instrumental production. I pronounced the heavy bass for added depth. The bells set off the chorus has the echoing xylophone bleeding through the background.

This particular beat is straight of my thoughts and laid down in a 131 BMP rate. In a way, I wanted to memic a School Boy Q or a Kendrick Lamar type track, but of course keeping everything original. This beat is for any recording artist who wants to standout!

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Better then soundclick
I just bought 3 nice beats exclusive rights for my mixtape you guys gotta repeat costumer love the underground flow

William C########- Artist, Florida

For recording artists, there are two main reasons to use - #1)"No Loops and No Samples" (This means I don't have to try and clear any copyrights) #2) The music industry A&R's are looking for something they haven't heard before... Standout Beats truly makes you standout.

Jeffrey Knobbs, Artist, Dig-It-All Mgt.

Been lookin for an app like this for a min, I've tried a few but none compare to standout beats! Tracks are the best around clean easy to use app and enjoyable. Downloading this app has been one of the best decisions I've made and anyone that over looks this app is making a huge mistake.

Caleb H###, Google App Market

Stand out beats! Awesome beats trust me!! Most of my album will be produced with theses beats..this app will make it easy and save me a lot of time which is crucial in a busy life! Keep up the good work.. Stay live check it.

Paul Parker, Google App Market